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Shepherd Neame Brewery Wedding Photographer

Janet and I had the pleasure of Photographing Jan and Steve during their Wedding Preparations and throughout their day at the unique Wedding Venue of the Shepherd Neame Brewery visitor centre in Faversham, Kent.

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The venue is attached to the oldest brewery in England and is still a working industrial site and so makes for a very different venue for a Wedding in Kent with plenty of photo opportunities along the way with the brewery as a backdrop.  The area where the wedding ceremony took place is warm and welcoming and makes use of the old part of the building and the working pub which leads off from the main street outside. 

Plenty of old exposed beams, strings of hops and quirky light fittings add to the unusual charm of this venue. We were there for Jan during her preparations at home and nearby when she was having the finishing touched to her make up and hair and then went off to Faversham to catch up with Steve and his party who were settling in at the Visitor Centre. The first thing that strikes you is the atmosphere like warm feel of a country pub downstairs and then upstairs the ceremony and dining room has exposed beam partitions and is both bright and welcoming with a large window overlooking the cobbled shopping area outside.  Other than the working brewery there is a small museum which houses a collection of liveried vehicles including a Triumph Spitfire and a Messerschmitt bubble car both of which stem from some of the Ales manufactured by Shepherd Neame by that name. Outside but still within the venue is a cobbled area known as The Street with a large clock overhead which gives an opportunity for some of the larger group photographs. Jan and Steve decided to have a large digital album as part of their package as well as a collection of smaller albums in order to remember their day and to cherish as an heirloom for the future.

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