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The Photo Tools Software that I personally use for my editing are the professional versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and On1 Photo Tools

New Photo Tools Software is constantly emerging on the market but I prefer to use the latest versions from Adobe and On1.  I have just upgraded my existing photo editing plugin software to the new Perfect Photo suite 7 for use in both Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom. At first glance it looks like the interface between the software on PS6 and Lightroom 4 is pretty seamless and works pretty well. I’ve had a short play with some of the images from old wedding and portrait shoots in Kent that we have done and the results are excellent so far.  What I plan to do is add a few of the images to a gallery on this blog page as I go and just play with the effects and see how they look.

I have used the previous version of the software in most of the Wedding shoots that we have done in Kent recently and while some of the effects are a bit way out there for most wedding albums they can all be tweaked with an instant preview of what has been achieved.  I’m not sure that the HDR effects are a bit harsh but i’m certainly going to have a play around with the controls to seee what I can come up with.  I think that the effect would be particularly useful for unusual or antique wedding cars like the example of the VW Camper in the gallery.

I’m really hoping that this latest version of the new photo tools software will streamline my workflow even more and achieve even more stunning results for my clients.  Typically I will spend upwards of 3 hours behind the computer for every hour spent shooting making a typical 7 or 8 hour full days wedding photography into a further 24 hours in post processing until I am satisfied with the final product ………. I may even have to have a look at the tutorial videos

When the flowers and cake have all gone it will be my photographs that will be admired for generations to come

Thats why I use the up to date new photo tools software from top professional companies

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