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FAQ why you should choose us to be your Kent Wedding Photographer

FAQ why you should choose us. These are a few of the questions that are sometimes asked about our wedding photography services in Kent and our wedding photography prices .

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Do you usually pay a visit to the venue before our wedding day?

We always like to spend some time visiting a venue, even if we have been there before.  A wise man once said that time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted and this is very true as it makes a great opportunity to plan the locations of our photography in the grounds and may well change with the seasons. FAQ Thats why you should choose us


Will we meet you before our wedding?

Yes, an informal chat and meeting about your wedding before the day is seen as essential but not compulsory. It will firstly make you feel at ease about another major element for your wedding and details about times, venues, group photographs, etc can be organised. (This can be arranged when your full amount is to be paid.) FAQ  Thats why you should choose us


How many meetings do you recommend before the wedding?

We like to have at least one informal meeting prior to your wedding day so that we can go through the schedule for the day and make some important notes to make the photography flow and It also helps to make you feel relaxed with us.


How long should we allocate for the photography after the ceremony has finished?

This very much depends upon the venue, if the ceremony is away from the breakfast venue and many other factors but it is something we will run through with you during our meeting.


Do you do any retouching on our wedding photographs?

All of the images that are picked for your collection will have gone through a post-processing stage before they are made available to you.  This is the most time consuming phase of the photography and can take up to 3 or 4 hours for each hour spent shooting!  Any adjustments are made with a view to achieving a pleasing overall effect to each image.


When will I be able to see my photographs?

I aim to have a selection of the images from the day ready to view within a few days of your wedding – a taster if you like and then have the rest of the images ready within 2 weeks


Will the images all be in colour?

There will be a selection of both black and white and colour images and some alternative effects as well


If I like a particular effect can you apply this to more of the images?

The short answer is yes but it does depend on the individual images in some cases. FAQ why you should choose us


Can I ask for any cosmetic changes to be made to my photographs?

We are willing to discuss any of your photographic needs FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 10

When do we need to pay?

To secure your wedding booking a non-refundable deposit of £100 is required from the day of the booking.  We then require the balance to be paid one calendar month before your wedding day. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 11

Can my friends, family or guests help with the cost of the wedding photography? 

Yes they can, either before or after your wedding your guests can purchase gift vouchers from us to either be applied towards the general cost of your photography or for you to buy additional canvas or framed prints or any of our professional photographic products. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 12

I have seen a particular photograph that I love, can you do it?

If you see an image in a magazine or online somewhere else or if you have an idea for your wedding photography that I have not mentioned then all you have to do is ask and we will try to make it happen for you. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 13

What are the advantages of hiring a professional? FAQ Why you should choose us

There are many advantages but here are just a few. As professionals we will be timely and arrive at the venue promptly, and get the images back to you on time.  We have just the right equipment and a full back up for photographing your most important day. Because we are experienced and have attended many and varied weddings we know how to put you at ease and be confident with us on the day.  As professional photographers we only use a colour laboratory that meets our own high professional standards of print quality and longevity – we do not use a supermarket or chemist or provide you with cheap dye-sublimation machine images.  We are used to working with people and will manage things to make the photography go smoothly and get the group shots done as quickly as possible so that your guests don’t get restless.  When you stop to consider the overall cost of the photography, just bear in mind that fee is only a part of your investment because you, your family and your guests and friends will be investing their time with the us throughout the day. So don’t waste their time and your time on your wedding day with a photographer who cannot produce the photographs that you will cherish. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 14

I would rather not have any posed pictures at our wedding

What if your parents want a nice picture to send to their friends? Or your aunt is late, then sits in a corner during the reception? Would you want her to be kept out of your photographs? Posed subjects in the visual arts is classic but poor posing can be a staple of an inexperienced wedding photographer. We know that most families want some posed images in their collection and so my posed pictures are created by finding a suitable location (easy access, good lighting, good background) and then allowing (coaching?) the couple to be themselves – playful, loving, romantic, fun – while I capture a variety of angles and compositions.  My directions and tone of voice will help you to show more emotion and look better. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 15

Should I start by asking about what do I get and how much will it cost me?

If you were out shopping for clothes or shoes would you think of asking that question until you had found find a style and quality that you liked?  Take a look through a photographers portfolio at the reportage, the candid images, groups, formal portrait poses and the fun photography and you will know whether this photographer has the technique and the style to capture the essence of your day in the way that you would like to see it. Of course, you should establish whether the particular professional is priced within your wedding photography budget – give or take a little, if the photographer is within your budget, give or take a little, but you are really asking for memories and feeling. So choose an established professional whose images move you and who is technically sound. Find a photographer who makes you happy and you will not regret your investment because there is no greater satisfaction than investing in things that will be with us for the rest of our lives.  For when the flowers and cake have all gone it will be our photography that you will look back on with fond memories for many years to come. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 16

How much does wedding photography in Kent cost?

Prices can range dramatically but Photography (and maybe video) is your only permanent record of your day. You want great images or you would not have read this blog, so be prepared to spend at least £450 and up to £1,800 or more if you would like a custom designed professional wedding album.  Professional laboratory prints will cost a minimum of £10 and up to £45 each for very large metallic prints.  Better Photographers usually charge higher rates but this may vary if they do not have the overheads of a studio and staff to pay for.  In other words it is reasonable for a relatively inexperienced or student photographer to charge you as little as £5 or less for a print and it is equally reasonable for an experienced and competent photographer to charge twice that amount for the same sized print. You will get a better service and a better product from an experienced professional who uses only the best laboratories for their work so FAQ why you should choose us?

If you are looking for a bargain and shop by phone based on minimum pricing then this can be a recipe for poor to mediocre photography

Photography usually works out at between 9% and 15% of the total wedding budget. If the photography is highly valued and the budget limited then this may rise to 30% of their total wedding budget.  Many couples initially underestimate the cost of their wedding photography by up to 50% and will usually spend at least twice as much as initially budgeted.

FAQ 17

How much time will the photographer spend at my wedding?

That is really up to you. You can have us join you where you are getting ready and keep recording your day right through to the reception in the evening, or you may just want us to spend a few hours with you, with a few formal photographs and some pictures during ceremony.  Typical coverage for the whole day starts between two and three hours before the ceremony itself after the breakfast speeches, cake cutting and first dance. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 18

What about an album?

Many photographers offer packages, each package having a set number of hours or prints etc, but It may be better to ask for a bespoke package that includes the photographic coverage that you want and an album that the photographer will design and produce for you. Lets face it most of us never really get around to putting our pictures in albums if we have to do it ourselves.  Parents albums are another great option, a smaller version for them to admire and show off to their friends as well. FAQ why you should choose us

FAQ 19

Who selects the photos that go into the album?

We use online proofing so that you can look at all of the images and then let us know the core of the photographs that you would like to have.  After that we will compile your storybook album designing it using the latest digital software so that it really shows your wedding day in the way that you want to see it, with important images enlarged, and related images grouped together.  We then send you an electronic digital proof to show you what the final album will look like and when you are happy then (and only then) it will go off to the manufacturer. FAQ why you should choose us

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