Some of our recent Kent Wedding Photography

Recent kent wedding Photography

Please call us on 01843584821 or email for more information on how we can help during your special day

Beautiful images to remember your special day at a realistic price starting at £450 for all the essential components.  Its what you should choose a professional to capture your once in a lifetime images and take the worry away.  Our recent Kent Wedding Photography gallery only shows a small sample of the timeless photographs we have created for our clients in Kent and the South East.

Recent Kent Wedding Photography

To view more of our lovely photographs and to see some of the wedding albums we have created just give us a call or drop us an email and we can arrange a personal no obligation meeting.  Its a great opportunity to meet us and see that you can relax with us on your day and really enjoy the photography.  This LINK will take you to another gallery of our Wedding Photography

We have a style which is suited to all modern weddings.  We mix the traditional or formal group photographs with a photo journalistic approach during the day and also ensure that we spend the time with you to produce some stunning romantic portraits.

By working with you from the first meeting we develop an understanding for the type of images that you will want to create and have that in mind when we work with you again on the day itself.  We will have organised with you the groups that you want included in the traditional shots and work alongside your ushers or nominated helpers to get them arranged as quickly as possible so as not to impact too much on your guests.  Of course any extras can easily be included on the day after all we are there to work with you to produce the collection that you want.

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Manston air show photography was a bit far removed from Wedding Photography in Kent but I made the most of having a quiet day on Saturday to spend some time in the garden and on the roof watching the air show at nearby Kent International Airport.  I’m told that the traffic was an absolute nightmare getting into Thanet but fortunately for me my house was on the approach path for the airport and gave me a great vantage point to see the aircraft performing and coming in to land.   The star of the show for me was the only flying example of the Vulcan bomber and what a sight (and sound) that was.  I used some fast CF cards and my Nikon D300 with an 18 – 210 travel lens to get some great shots of the aircraft.  Post processed them in Lightroom 4 and with the 1.5 magnification factor from the camera and lens it gave me some quite large images without too much loss of quality and without need to go into Perfect Photosuite 7 and use Perfect Fractals to enlarge them.   Images shot at mainly f 5.6 ISO 400 at high shutter speed and EV +2.0 to compensate for the bright sky.


Manston airshow Photography 2013


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My Wedding Photography workflow

My Wedding Photography post-processing workflow

I thought I would write a short article which explains my my wedding photography workflow process for the weddings that we shoot in and around Kent. If you are thinking of becoming a full or part time wedding photographer it will give you an insight into what will be required and just how much time you will have to put aside for the post processing side of the business and how best to cost it into your wedding photography packages.

Firstly I think its only right that I should touch on the actual shoot itself and quickly mention that I ONLY shoot in camera Raw.  It is non compressive, makes no camera adjustments for dynamic range or any other fangled get-out-of-jail-free pre-sets that may work for the odd image but reduce the control that a professional really wants to have over the images.  It also produces the largest file sizes.  So I take along a lot of high capacity and fast CF cards.  I also use two camera bodies and so I make sure that they are synchronised to the second before the shoot, so that the images are all filed in the right order and sequence.

So after getting home at the end of a hard days photography, the first thing that I do while the kettle is on is start to back up my cards.  Initially I will make 2 copies onto two separate hard drives.  I do this using Adobe Lightroom 4, set it to import and then make a second copy to the other HDD, choose the tags that will make the images easier to manage later on, decide if I want to apply a pre-set (there’s that word again  – but this time it is a pre-set that I built and saved for a specific type of shoot) during the download process and click go.  I then repeat this process for each of the cards until they are all safely backed up.  Once done the cards all go back into the card safe which is put to one side.  Depending on the length of the shoot this process may take an hour or possibly two.

My Wedding Photography Workflow

Once the cards are downloaded I check the images in Lightroom to make sure that there were no problems and that the images are all there (hence the cards being in the card safe).  I never use those cards again until I am sure that the images have all downloaded properly.

The next stage in my wedding photography workflow is the First Edit.  This will usually take upwards of two or 3 hours depending on the length of the shoot.  Using Lightroom again I copy the images over to a new ‘Collection’ and give it a unique name.  Next using the ‘Library’ mode I look at each image checking for focus, content and expression and rate the images from 1 to 5 using the keypad.  Once done I apply a library filter which just lets me see the 5’s.  This will form the basis of the later edits.

The Second Edit in my wedding photography workflow is simply a process by which I look over all of the images again and remove any unnecessary duplicates or images of a very similar expression or composition and I do this quite simply by giving the unwanted files a lesser rating of 4 so that they disappear from my view.

The Third Edit in my wedding photography workflow is where I start to develop the shoot and to give it more variety and interest for my clients by deciding on whether the images would look better in black & white, full colour or if they would benefit from some special effects treatments.  Again it means carefully looking at the images in Lightroom but using the grid view to provide context to them and to see where they would fit and how best to present them.  A simple tap on the keypad for 6 if they are going to be specially processed and give them a red label or tap 9 for blue – (B&W).     In total probably upwards of 4 hours taken so far.

The Fourth Edit  in my wedding photography workflow is the time to look at each image in develop mode, remove any dustspots or blemishes, colour correct using the dropper tool, adjust the exposure if necessary and check for clipping using the histogram, adjust the white levels and apply any local adjustments to exposure as necessary such as darkening the sky to bring out the clouds etc using the auto mask feature to prevent any spill.  I may also add some skin softening at this stage by painting in some reduced clarity using a brush and the auto mask.  Bearing in mind that this can take a few minutes for each image and there may be 800+ images to look at then you will start to get the picture about how intensive this process is.

By now the majority of the post-processing is done and I may have let Lightroom save some time here and there by batch processing some of the global adjustments to images that are similar.  We are now ready for the Fith Edit.   This involves taking any of the images that need it into Photoshop CS6 for any other work that cannot be done within Lightroom.  Once that is done and I am happy with the images its time to apply the colour filters starting with Blue.  I can then apply the particular B&W pre-set that I have saved in Lightroom to the images and than make selective further adjustments for exposure etc depending on the overall effect.  I do use more than one pre-set for this but LR allows me to apply them as a batch and so save a little time.    Lastly I apply the Red filter and then either apply a special effects pre-set from within Lightroom  following the same method or I export the images into Perfect Photosuite 7 and make the adjustments from within that software.

The last edit (Edit Six) that I do is to within Lightroom again and this is to apply sharpening to the images as a batch and to apply some post crop vignetting to images that have not already had it applied from with Perfect Photosuite.

Done.  Now the images can be downloaded as full size JPEGs (with or without an embedded watermark) and uploaded to my proofing site on Zenfolio so that my clients can view them online and can purchase images as they wish.


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Some of the lovely images that we created can be seen in our Quex Kate and Josh Wedding Gallery

Our Quex Kate and Josh Wedding gallery. Photography with all edited images on disc from £450.  The gallery shows some of the lovely photographs we took during the wedding of Kate and Josh at Quex House and Gardens in Birchington near Margate Kent.

The house, Park and gardens at this beautiful Kent wedding venue offer a superb backdrop for some wonderful contemporary wedding photo opportunities and after a cold rainy week the sun shone and the sky cleared to allow them to celebrate their wedding outside in the gazebo.


More examples of our Wedding Photography at Quex House and Gardens can be seen elsewhere on our site as well as in the Quex Kate and Josh gallery here.

More samples of our work including beautiful individually designed Wedding Albums and Photobooks are available and can be seen when we meet for an informal no obligation chat to discuss your exact photographic needs. Being very local to Quex it is one of our preferred locations and has everything to offer couples who are looking for a traditional backdrop to their wedding, plenty of room for the guests to move around and delightful grounds.  There are plenty of opportunities to create lovely images inside the house as well as in the gardens and the Gazebo makes an interesting alternative venue to say your vows.

Kate and Josh chose to get married in the Gazebo outside but the lovely rooms upstairs and the fine wooden staircase were made available for preparation and photography.  The room indoors also provides an escape should the weather not be suitable for an outdoors ceremony.

All of our packages and prices starting at £450 for Weddings in Kent include the edited images supplied on disc.  Click Here For more details or email Janet or Keith at or call 01843 584 821 now.

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The Photo Tools Software that I personally use for my editing are the professional versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and On1 Photo Tools

New Photo Tools Software is constantly emerging on the market but I prefer to use the latest versions from Adobe and On1.  I have just upgraded my existing photo editing plugin software to the new Perfect Photo suite 7 for use in both Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom. At first glance it looks like the interface between the software on PS6 and Lightroom 4 is pretty seamless and works pretty well. I’ve had a short play with some of the images from old wedding and portrait shoots in Kent that we have done and the results are excellent so far.  What I plan to do is add a few of the images to a gallery on this blog page as I go and just play with the effects and see how they look.

I have used the previous version of the software in most of the Wedding shoots that we have done in Kent recently and while some of the effects are a bit way out there for most wedding albums they can all be tweaked with an instant preview of what has been achieved.  I’m not sure that the HDR effects are a bit harsh but i’m certainly going to have a play around with the controls to seee what I can come up with.  I think that the effect would be particularly useful for unusual or antique wedding cars like the example of the VW Camper in the gallery.

I’m really hoping that this latest version of the new photo tools software will streamline my workflow even more and achieve even more stunning results for my clients.  Typically I will spend upwards of 3 hours behind the computer for every hour spent shooting making a typical 7 or 8 hour full days wedding photography into a further 24 hours in post processing until I am satisfied with the final product ………. I may even have to have a look at the tutorial videos

When the flowers and cake have all gone it will be my photographs that will be admired for generations to come

Thats why I use the up to date new photo tools software from top professional companies

Keith and Janet Heard are Professional Wedding Photographers based in Ramsgate in Kent and are available to photograph weddings in the contemporary style at all licenced venues in Kent and the South east of England.

Contact us on 01843584821 or email us now


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